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Python Anywhere

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Groomed list of well-established Python modules for Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4

The following modules are available as standard on PythonAnywhere. Just import them, they're ready to go!


Methodologies ...

"Behavior Driven" Development



... can execute plain-text functional descriptions as automated tests for Python projects, just as Cucumber does for Ruby.

Lettuce makes the development and testing process really easy, scalable, readable and - what is best - it allows someone who doesn’t program to describe the behavior of a certain system, without imagining those descriptions will automatically test the system during its development.

Components and Interfaces

See PythonTrac#TracPlugins

Zope Components ->

... Components are objects that are associated with interfaces. An interface is a Python object that describes how you work with other Python objects ...

Object oriented programming languages allow programmers to reuse portions of existing code by creating new “classes” of objects which subclass another class. When a class subclasses another, it is said to inherit all of its behaviour. The subclass can then “override” and “extend” the behavior provided to it by the superclass.

Inheritance is very useful in many situations, but because it is so convenient to use, often becomes abused in large software systems, especially when multiple inheritance is involved. One solution is to use delegation instead of “inheritance” where appropriate. Delegation is simply the act of asking another object to perform a task for an object.

To support this design pattern, which is often referred to as the components pattern because it involves many small interacting components, interfaces and adapters were created by the Zope 3 team.

... Zope Component Architecture (ZCA) is a Python framework for supporting component based design and programming. It is very well suited to developing large Python software systems. The ZCA is not specific to the Zope web application server: it can be used for developing any Python application. Maybe it should be called as Python Component Architecture.

The ZCA is all about using Python objects effectively. Components are reusable objects with introspectable interfaces. An interface is an object that describes how you work with a particular component. In other words, component provides an interface implemented in a class, or any other callable object. It doesn't matter how the component is implemented, the important part is that it comply with its interface contracts.

Using ZCA, you can spread the complexity of systems over multiple cooperating components. It helps you to create two basic kinds of components: adapter and utility.

There are three core packages related to the ZCA:

zope.interface is used to define the interface of a component.

zope.event provides a simple event system.

zope.component deals with creation, registration and retrieval of components.


See PythonTools


Jet Brains Main Site
PyCharn Main Site - 111 MB download !

Code Box for Python

Create a Python Development Box in 30 seconds, with a Powerful, Collaborative Online/Offline? web IDE.

See NodeJS#Codebox

Semantic RDF Inference Engines

Keep CubicWeb in mind, despite being huge ...

Cubic Web Project See

Remote Desktop

Query for 'python remote desktop'

See wiki:Notes/RemoteDesktop


Google query for 'python software distribution'
Python Deployments

See wiki:Notes/ConfigurationManagement

Python On Windows

See PythonTools#InstallingFabricOnWindows

Active State ?

ActivePython Business and Enterprise Editions feature our precompiled, supported, quality-assured Python distribution used by millions of developers around the world for easy Python installation and quality-assured code.

When you're using Python on production servers or mission-critical applications, ActivePython Business and Enterprise Editions offer significant time savings over open source Python for installing, managing, and standardizing your Python.


Windows (x86), Windows (64-bit, x64), Mac OS X (10.6+, x86_64/i386), Linux (x86), Linux (x86_64),

The chase ...

This is a library for making SSH2 connections (client or server).

Emphasis is on using SSH2 as an alternative to SSL for making secure connections between python scripts.

All major ciphers and hash methods are supported. SFTP client and server mode are both supported too.

ActiveState - version 1.11.0

PyPi - version 1.15.2

Required packages: pyCrypto - 2.6 on Feb 19th, 2013 .... 2.6.1 on 2014-06-20

A question mark ...

Python On MacOSX

Python on a Macintosh running Mac OS X is in principle very similar to Python on any other Unix platform, but there are a number of additional features such as the IDE and the Package Manager that are worth pointing out.

See AppleOSX

Also See

A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

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