Windows Python

MS Windows specific issues.

Windows Python Extension Packages

One would like to think that a developer can get along without Windows specific extensions but ... Python Wheels makes installing binaries on Windows much easier.

Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages

This page provides 32- and 64-bit Windows binaries of many scientific open-source extension packages for the official CPython distribution of the Python programming language.

The files are unofficial (meaning: informal, unrecognized, personal, unsupported, no warranty, no liability, provided "as is") and made available for testing and evaluation purposes.

If downloads fail reload this page, enable JavaScript, disable download managers, disable proxies, clear cache, and use Firefox. Please only download files as needed.

Most binaries are built from source code found on PyPI or in the projects public revision control systems. Source code changes, if any, have been submitted to the project maintainers or are included in the packages...

Many binaries are not compatible with Windows XP or Wine.

Note using WHL format

ActiveState Python

old stuff, some bad links

... ActivePython includes the Python core and the many core extensions: zlib and bzip2 for data compression, the Berkeley DB (bsddb) and SQLite (sqlite3) database libraries, the Tix GUI widgets for Tkinter, ElementTree for XML processing, ctypes (on supported platforms) for low-level library access, and others.

The Windows distribution ships with PyWin32 -- a suite of Windows tools developed by Mark Hammond, including bindings to the Win32 API and Windows COM.

Pythonwin -

Pythonwin is a Windows only IDE and GUI framework for Python. It has an integrated debugger, and a rich Python editing environment.

Pythonwin is implemented as a 'wrapper' for the Microsoft Foundation Class library. With it, you can use MFC in an interactive, interpreted environment, or write full blown stand-alone applications tightly coupled with the Windows environment. Over 30 MFC objects are exposed, including Common Controls, Property Pages/Sheets, Control/Toolbars, Threads, etc.


Old links, need to fix, project still active as of Nov 2017

Can be separated from ActiveState Provides some useful functions if push comes to shove, security for instance ... some Windows Python apps require it.

Comment ...

Fredrik Orderud posted a comment on ticket #709

The problem now seem to be solved with PyWin32 build 220.

PyWin32 Repository:

Python for Windows Extensions -

... Wed Jul 27 08:02:53 2005 GMT+10 ...

PyWin32 Frequently Asked Questions -

Compiler Considerations

Keeping all the various SDKs in place to build all the extensions can be a challenge. Visual C++ 6 is quite old now, and some of these extensions rely of features not available in the standard MSVC headers and libraries ...

Obviously challenging, but upstream code base is maintained by ActiveState ... I think.


PythonTools#WatchDog requires it on Windows ... has full set of Windows binaries for download.

PyYAML features

a complete YAML 1.1 parser. In particular, PyYAML can parse all examples from the specification. The parsing algorithm is simple enough to be a reference for YAML parser implementors.

Unicode support including UTF-8/UTF-16 input/output and \u escape sequences.

low-level event-based parser and emitter API (like SAX).

high-level API for serializing and deserializing native Python objects (like DOM or pickle).

support for all types from the YAML types repository. A simple extension API is provided.

both pure-Python and fast LibYAML-based parsers and emitters.

relatively sensible error messages.

Defunct Python Projects ?

Portable Python

At one time was fairly active, even promising ...

"Portable Python is a Python® programming language pre-configured to run directly on the Windows OS from any USB storage device, enabling you to have, at any time, a portable programming environment."

Portable Python is not being developed anymore. At the moment there are several better and more up-to-date alternatives ... [ naming PythonXY, Anaconda and Python Anywhere ]

Can vanilla Python now be run from any USB device ?

Movable Python

"Movable Python is a distribution of Python for Windows that doesn't need to be installed. It easily fits onto a USB memory stick or flash drive. Python on a stick."

Not active ?

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