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     1= Semantic Technologies = 
     3Category for grouping various semantic engines, implementations of ontologies, standards, [[DesignPatterns| design patterns]], etc. 
     7 In software, semantic technology encodes meanings separately from data and content files, and separately from application code. 
     9 This enables machines as well as people to understand, share and reason with them at execution time. With semantic technologies, adding, changing and implementing new relationships or interconnecting programs in a different way can be just as simple as changing the external model that these programs share. 
     11== Technical Aspects == 
     13The "Semantic Technologies" category cuts across language-level barriers and allows comparisons between environments, ''if any''.  [[Java]] plays a big role in this arena, maybe as an engine connected to a [[Messaging| messaging backplate]] and running on a single specialized machine, consuming 1GB or more ! ( [[PyWacket]] is supposed to be light-footed ). 
     15A [[Python]] implementation would be smaller, might be faster and all-in-all much better from a pythonic standpoint.  Certainly basic [[SemanticWeb#RDF| RDF parsing/generating]] is well covered, but what about the relational inferencing part ?  Not just in running it, but even editing it ... some sort of truth maintenance is needed for a very grisly [[SemanticWeb#SemanticDataModel| 'relational' data structure]]. 
     19== Also See ==