Shared Hosting

Perils and Peccadilloes

How to revive BBcom and make it useful again ?

What has worked ?

  • PMWiki, lockdown capability.
  • WikkaWiki
  • Plain HTML

Is Javascript OK ? CSS risk ?

Is hostmonster security up to snuff ? Is there a better hosting service ?


Search wiki for tag '#todo'

Clean up the mess.

  • Convert and merge old Drupal content. ( into what, wiki format or html ? Pros and cons ?)
  • Merging subject hierarchy and interwiki content from old Wikka Wiki site
  • Separate types, capture potential category and tag relationships.
  • Develop DB conversion idiom, especially between MySQL a

Assuming Hostmonster is OK, what to do with it ?

  • domain names
  • junk email, filtered with gmail
  • BBcom published BottleTalk ( with lockdown ) or generated html-based technical site.
  • Python, Java and PHP, in that order.
  • Maybe Ruby, seems to be easier to install and run.
  • Resource dump, mp3 for example.

Deploying Python CGI on Hostmonster

PythonBottle and maybe PythonTrac

Ruby and Rails on Hostmonster

Ruby ?

Ruby Gems Installation


How do I install my own Ruby Gems?


Using File Manager in your cPanel make a copy of the .bashrc file in your root directory, name it .bashrc.bak.

Now edit the .bashrc file and add the following to the end of the file:

   export GEM_HOME=$HOME/ruby/gems
   export GEM_PATH=$GEM_HOME:/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.3
   export GEM_CACHE=$GEM_HOME/cache
   export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/ruby/gems/bin

When using a rails application, make sure you add the following to your ./config/environment.rb:

   ENV['GEM_PATH'] = '/path/to/your/home/ruby/gems:/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.3'

From HM CPanel:

Ruby Gem Installer

Ruby Gems are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Ruby. You will need to install a Gem before you can use it inside a Ruby program.

Note: Gems are installed directly from the RubyForge repository.

Location of Your Ruby Gem(s)

Path: /home3/billbrei/ruby/gems

Using Your Ruby Gem(s)

!!!!At this time Rails 3.0 is not supported and can cause a broken ruby/rails environment!!!!
You will need to add /home3/billbrei/ruby/gems to the include path.
You can do this by adding the following code to your script:


From Hostmonster ROR page:

Hostmonster provides Phusion Passenger ...

We also recommend updating any applications that may be using Mongrel (or similar) ...

Easy, Scalable & Reliable Web App Deployment for Ruby, Python, Node.js, Meteor

In other words: practically any operating system on earth, except Microsoft Windows.

Not a problem for Hostmonster, but clearly not 'pywacket-enabling'.

Abandoned, more or less

Discussions about setting up Ruby on Rails on Hostmonster

A better description of Ruby/Rails shared hosting at site5


Usage: /home3/billbrei/ruby/gems/bin/radiant /path/to/radiant/app [options]


-r, --ruby=path Path to the Ruby binary of your choice (otherwise scripts use env, dispatchers current path).

Default: /usr/bin/ruby

-d, --database=name Preconfigure for selected database (options: mysql, postgresql, sqlite3, sqlserver, db2).

Default: sqlite3

Radiant Info:

-v, --version Show the Radiant version number and quit. -h, --help Show this help message and quit.

General Options:

-p, --pretend Run but do not make any changes. -f, --force Overwrite files that already exist. -s, --skip Skip files that already exist. -q, --quiet Suppress normal output. -t, --backtrace Debugging: show backtrace on errors. -c, --svn Modify files with subversion. (Note: svn must be in path)

A bunch of stuff ... some not appropriate.

Hostmonster Help for Ruby and Rails

Installing Redmine from tar.gz -

Ruby on Rails, Gems -

Ruby on Rails Setup -

Ruby on Hostmonster: The Bottom Line

I don't have the time now, either to get Radiant running or to create structure/content for it. Maybe later.

Also See



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