Need to Explore

Things to look into.


RDF RD-Smeff ?. Why not lean and quick instead of huge and cumbersome ? Does SemWeb really need huge Java apps.

Python Console Tools

Found some, need more.

Binaries and Compiling C

  • What can be compiled on what ?
  • Rule engine ?

Big Enterprise Servers ?

  • Ubiquitous cross-plaform servers, like Virutoso or whatever ?
  • Notes/Java roles,are big Java apps faster and less resource-intensive spread over several machines ?

Clustering ?

Sort of same issues as above.

Clustering is usually the big enterprise solution to a fairly small, specific set of problems ... in short, overkill ''

As distinct from Notes/Servers#GridComputing ?


Haven't found any urgent need for Ruby yet. Possible exception is Notes/Ruby#RadiantCMS running in shared host. Also see Notes/SharedHosting#RubyonHostmonster

Mono ?

Nope, no role for mono

Node JS

Yes, extremely viable. Need to master async idiom.

Virtual Machines

  • Virtual Machines ?
    • Windows on Linux
    • Linux on Windows
    • Android on Linux

Maybe later ...


  • Is XML/RPC OK ?

Locally, yes. Publicly, no.

Public Search Engines

Jury still out ...

Intelligent Networks

Whazat ?

  • How much intelligence can be put into network ?


  • Notes/Lua Applications
    • An odd-ball choice, but mostly run on Linux and Windows
    • How much functionality versus how much time to develop ?

No killer apps yet.

Role of PHP

Some role is inevitable .. what ?

See Notes/PHP#EssentialApplications

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