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This category is getting bigger and bigger ... there's not enough for a Done? page yet.

Hope that will change in coming months :-)

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Bottle Talk

  • Do Bottle Talk First
    • Focus on DB, should be able to plug in either Bottle or PyGlade
    • Convert Links First, from old BBcom and current Mozilla links DB
    • Convert content from non-semantic articles

Semantastic Wiki

  • See Semantastic
    • Recreate Subject Hierarchy for WikkaWiki
    • Convert content from semantic articles

PyWacket Desktop

  • Network level file management, cut-paste, computer chat
  • Network level process console and manager
  • Recommended components for functional slots in architecture


Mongo DB

Moin Moin

  • Need to get new version of Notes/PythonMoin under my belt. As a leading ( and fast-running ) Python wiki, there is some role for it, not sure of extent.

Figure Out If Cygwin Really Is Worth It After All

It's a major piece of software but it's a major piece of functionality too.

See Notes/MicrosoftWindows#Cygwin

Semantic Mediawiki


The Internet of What ?

What things ? The flood is coming, but what is it really ? If knowledge, knowledge about what ?

May be important, as conceptual packaging and market-timimg-wise ...

Also See

Find a page for the HTTrack Website Copier. Maybe a 'HTML Tools' subject ? Maybe with ZimWiki HTML publishing features ? Other HTML generators ?

PyWacket/NeedToExplore, some of that is done.

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