Welcome to the Semantastic site

Semantastic is intended to be a showcase for Python semantic web technologies, replicating and extending the functions of Semantic Mediawiki.

Content is slowly starting to emerge. The site will be "under construction" for several years, a least through the end of 2015 2016 2017 (?).

Main Links

General discussions/ruminations about the PyWacket project and the future of this site.

For Your Personal Viewing Pleasure

Now running on port 8087, a preliminary knowledge base for PyWacket components and supporting technology .... ... and to see what the hackers do to it. :-O

PyWacket project notes clothed as html files ( nothing uglier than a naked cat ... to search engines anyway). Researches about about possible project components, plus links, comments and many speculations.

Other Sites

Personal Website: an old php site destroyed by hackers several years ago.