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Welcome to main public site for the PyWacket project.

The purpose is to develop of a Python 'semwiki' to power Semantastic and its content. PyWacket is a technically-oriented integration framework used to build the semwiki.

PyWacket is a loosely-defined integration framework, primarily for desktops, but should be general enough to work for almost any application that depends on a collection of existing Python packages ( plus some 'glue code').

The integration architecture and supporting components should be useful in building a Semantic Web wiki ( in essence a knowledge base ) to be known as Semantastic. The underlying technology is as purely Python as possible, ideally no external dependencies, maybe with Java for the messaging backplate and message queue components, perhaps some PHP in a supporting role.

Probably, the most visible distinction between this and other frameworks is a knowledge-based approach, or perhaps a case-based approach in some cases.

There are a huge number of existing components to fill the 'slots' in the underlying architecture, with literally hundreds of combinations.

So ... still under construction :)

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