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The purpose of PyWacket is 'weaving' desktop computers together, be they Windows, MacIntosh or Linux systems ( both client and server ).

PyWacket started out as desktop integration and process management using Python GTK+ and Glade applications - it was highly experimental and took a few years ( part time ) to work through myriad combinations of programs packages to achieve a highly level of integration between Windows, Linux and also the Apple OSX.

This incarnation of PyWacket is focused on creating a semantic wiki application capable of supporting a fairly complex knowledge base and control panel for integrating desktop configurations.

1.  Overview

Major projects ( or aspects of the overall project ) include:

  • Semantastic - a semantic wiki, based on Semantic MediaWiki functionality ported to Python.
  • RuleForge - extended content structuring and semantic tagging ( RDF ) capabilities and a simple inference and workflow engine. This should 'circle back' to the desktop integration aspect of the Pywacket project.

A basic diagram of the parts:

Base Integration Architecturesupporting =>Semantic Wiki Applicationsupporting =>Rule-Based Implementation
Pywacket Semantasic RuleForge
Python ( and other ) frameworks Python-based Semantic MediaWiki clone A wiki/knowledge base about rule engines etc.

In the long run, basic subjects of the PyWacket development site will be:

  • Server and Peer-to-Peer Apps for Knowledge-Based systems
  • Desktop Integration and Client-Server Apps

Major components include:

  • Message Queue system, using the RabbitMQ, Java and Python multiprocessing modules.
  • Messaging Protocols, XMPP and AMQP and associated servers, implemented in Python and Java.
  • A large collection Python line command tools, scripts, and configuration management utilities. Pexpect is a good example.
  • Some sort of plugin architecture. Something like the original Trac-based RuleForge site ( now defunct ) and maybe some semantic web extensions.
  • Python Components of various sorts - useful parts and fragments of Python code.

Eventually, the basic subjects of the site will include:

  • Rule Engines and Rule-Based Systems
  • Business Rules
  • Semantic Web
  • Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge-Based Apps

2.  Project Pages

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