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Does this project need a fundamental reality check ?

Yes ! The total project is big, consuming several hundred hours just to get off the ground. For some time it was more a gleam in the eye than a concrete reality. Ultimately, the project was too complex and time-consuming to tackle before the end of 2011 2012 2013. In fact, 2014 is the year when some part of the application platform as described could become useful, maybe even for this site.

Who or What is PyWacket ?

Pywacket ( or Pyewacket ) is a magical cat - the familiar spirit in a classic 1958 movie Bell, Book and Candle, ( with a very witchy Kim Novak !!! ).
The idea is that PyWacket will magically appear anywhere and everywhere, running on different platforms at the same time. Indeed, in order to be an integration framework, it must run everywhere at all times. What 'the project' amounts to is a collection of mutually compatible integration technologies and standards implemented with multiple Python frameworks rather than a specific software application or a packaging of Python applications.
Maybe I should also consider using Wikka Wiki.
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Page last modified on August 03, 2014, at 02:37 PM