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I definitely do not have a grip on the Mac.

One might assume that the Linux kernel would guarantee a high level of compatibility with Linux and generally this is the case, but sometimes it isn't ( and fairly unpredictably at that ).

One would certainly think that Python on a Mac is pretty much the same as Linux. Obviously MSWindows will be the problem and not the Mac. However such does not seem to be the case for several Python packages. For instance, PythonMultiprocessing#Greenlets are a problem on the Mac.

In fact, installations of many Python packages are easier to install on MS Windows than other platforms, including Linux. So the obvious may or may be true in a given circumstance.

I don't have a Mac and don't know how to simulate or get access to one without buying one. Maybe I will take the plunge, maybe not. Closed hardware and closed software is not in the spirit of 'freedom of choice' ( for Apple's advertising to the contrary ) and most definitely not in the spirit of the PyWacket project.

Anyway, the Mac at this point is a nice to have, but who knows if any given component will actually work ...

lnstalling Greenlet

Greenlets hard to install on OS X 10.9.2

This is a bug but not a bug in bpython. It needs to be reported to Apple and fixed on their side.

Installing Twisted

... OS X 10.8 already comes with Twisted 12.0, which may be good enough for what you're doing.

If you need a newer version, install it into a virtualenv and work with it there. can get you started with the requisite tooling to do this without screwing up your system with sudo ;-)

Word To The Wise

The Real World ...


The mosquitto project has, or can get, access to a wide variety of different systems to help with development. One important platform for which this is not true is Mac OS X. There are sufficient differences between Macs and other systems that this makes life difficult.

Zim Wiki

Mac OS X

You can run zim on mac if you have the proper dependencies installed. If you are using Mac Ports than installing the following ports should work:

python26 py26-gtk py26-simplejson py26-xdg

(The python25 packages should work as well if you prefer them)

An alternative that is reported to work is to install Pygtk for mac. This will make your zim window look nicer compared to using the Mac Ports option. With pygtk for mac installed, you can just run zim directly from the source package.

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