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Published December 11th 2017

This wiki started out as a bare bones site for PyWacket development and has blossomed into about 130 pages of links, impressions, stray notes, etc. Most of the content is links and copy-down quotes, sort of leading in some direction, with occasional comments strewn through them.

The categories are about 85% complete and the content is maybe 70% complete.

PyWacket Project Pages

In extreme summary, the purpose of the project is to 'seamlessly integrate' different machines running different operating systems.

Examples of major functions are directory synchronization, integrated file search, cut-paste between desktops, distributing and monitoring workloads across several machines, and many others ...

Recently, subjects related to Home Automation and the Arduino are getting more attention. I've started referring to them as 'devices', in contrast to the more generic category of 'computers'.

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