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Openfire Open Source Plugins 	Info 	File 	Version 	Date

 Broadcasts messages to users.
	README Changelog 	broadcast.jar 	1.9.0 	Sep 13, 2013

Client Control
 Controls clients allowed to connect and available features
	README Changelog 	clientControl.jar 	1.2.0 	Sep 13, 2013

Clustering Plugin
 Clustering support for Openfire.
	README Changelog 	clustering.jar 	1.2.3 	Jan 9, 2013

Content Filter
 Scans message packets for defined patterns
	README Changelog 	contentFilter.jar 	1.7.0 	Sep 13, 2013

DB Access
 Provides administrators with a simple direct access interface to their Openfire DB.
	README Changelog 	dbaccess.jar 	1.1.0 	Sep 13, 2013

Debugger Plugin
 Prints XML traffic to the stdout (raw and interpreted XML)
	README Changelog 	xmldebugger.jar 	1.3.0 	Sep 13, 2013

Email Listener
 Listens for emails and sends alerts to specific users.
	README Changelog 	emailListener.jar 	1.1.0 	Sep 13, 2013

Fastpath Service
 Support for managed queued chat requests, such as a support team might use.
	README Changelog 	fastpath.jar 	4.3.1 	Sep 13, 2013

Fastpath Webchat
 Web based chat client for Fastpath.
	README Changelog 	webchat.war 	4.0.0 	Aug 5, 2008

 ProtoXEP-xxxx: Remote Roster Management support
	README Changelog 	gojara.jar 	2.1.5 	Oct 21, 2013

Hazelcast Clustering Plugin
 Clustering support for Openfire, powered by Hazelcast.
	README Changelog 	hazelcast.jar 	1.2.2 	May 6, 2014

Jingle Nodes Plugin
 Provides support for Jingle Nodes
	README Changelog 	jingleNodes.jar 	0.1.0 	Sep 13, 2013

Kraken IM Gateway
 Provides gateway connectivity to the other public instant messaging networks
	README Changelog 	kraken.jar 	1.2.0 	Sep 13, 2013

Load Statistic
 Logs load statistics to a file
	README Changelog 	loadStats.jar 	1.2.0 	Sep 13, 2013

Monitoring Service
 Monitors conversations and statistics of the server.
	README Changelog 	monitoring.jar 	1.4.2 	Apr 30, 2014

MotD (Message of the Day)
 Allows admins to have a message sent to users each time they log in.
	README Changelog 	motd.jar 	1.1.0 	Sep 13, 2013

MUC Service
 MUC administration over REST Interface
	README Changelog 	mucservice.jar 	0.2.3 	Oct 1, 2014

Packet Filter
 Rules to enforce ethical communication
	README Changelog 	packetFilter.jar 	3.2.0 	Sep 13, 2013

Presence Service
 Exposes presence information through HTTP.
	README Changelog 	presence.jar 	1.6.0 	Sep 13, 2013

 Performs various actions whenever a new user account is created.
	README Changelog 	registration.jar 	1.6.0 	Sep 13, 2013

 Provides support for Jabber Search (XEP-0055)
	README Changelog 	search.jar 	1.6.0 	Sep 13, 2013

SIP Phone Plugin
 Provides support for SIP account management
	README Changelog 	sip.jar 	1.1.0 	Sep 13, 2013

STUN server plugin
 Adds STUN functionality to Openfire
	README Changelog 	stunserver.jar 	1.1.0 	Sep 13, 2013

 Automatically accepts or rejects subsription requests
	README Changelog 	subscription.jar 	1.3.0 	Sep 13, 2013

 Integrates NodeJs Applications with Openfire.
	README Changelog 	nodejs.jar 	0.0.1 	Sep 24, 2014

Rayo Plugin
 Provides support for XEP-0327
	README Changelog 	rayo.jar 	0.0.2 	Feb 4, 2014

User Creation
 Creates users and populates rosters.
	  Changelog 	userCreation.jar 	1.2.0 	Sep 13, 2013

User Import Export
 Enables import and export of user data
	README Changelog 	userImportExport.jar 	2.4.0 	Sep 13, 2013

User Service
 Allows administration of users via HTTP requests.
	README Changelog 	userservice.jar 	2.0.2 	Oct 8, 2014 

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