Python Support for CouchDB

Erlang#CouchDB seems to have good support for Python, runs well on MicrosoftWindows.

The following packages may be 'mixed up'. My sense is that they've branched and renamed in ways I don't get ... the major packages are in there somewhere.

CouchDB Kit

Couchdbkit goal is to provide a framework for your Python application to access and manage Couchdb.

Not the same as python-couchdb ???

Python CouchDB

This is a Python library for CouchDB. It provides a convenient high level interface for the CouchDB server.

Same as couchdb-python

[ IBM ] Cloudant-Python is, as of this writing, the only asynchronous interface to CouchDB and Cloudant instances in Python. It wraps Requests to handle boilerplate like headers, JSON serialization, URL construction, streaming response bodies, and so on ...

Utilities to make standalone CouchDB application development simple


Used by Kombu

Modern pure python CouchDB Client.

Currently there are several libraries in python to connect to couchdb. Why one more? It's very simple.

All seems not be maintained, all libraries used standard Python libraries for http requests, and are not compatible with python3.

I have been using couchdb-python with quite a lot of success ...

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