Python SQLite

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Python DB-API module for SQLite 3.


The ( almost ) one and only ...


Peewee is a simple and small ORM. It has few (but expressive) concepts, making it easy to learn and intuitive to use.

A small, expressive ORM
Written in python with support for versions 2.6+ and 3.2+.
built-in support for sqlite, mysql and postgresql
tons of extensions available in the Playhouse, a collection of addons (postgres hstore/json/arrays, sqlite full-text-search, schema migrations, and much more).

The playhouse includes modules for different database drivers or database specific functionality:

apsw, an advanced sqlite driver
Postgresql Extensions
Sqlite Extensions
BerkeleyDB backend
Sqlcipher backend


APSW stands for Another Python SQLite Wrapper.

Full Text Search

scout is a RESTful search server written in Python. The search is powered by SQLite's full-text search extension, and the web application utilizes the Flask framework.


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