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Edgewall site is a place where a community of software developers collaborate on creating exciting open source software based on the Python programming language. It is best known for the popular web-based project management tool Trac.

Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects.

Where to start ?

How about starting with the core component model and work out to pluggable component 'realms' ?

Or maybe wrestle with the wiki parser/formatter to create a powerful, light-weight and Pythonic version of MediaWiki ?

Or go all the way and build a configuration knowledge base with an integrated process manager ? Or even a distributed document management system ?

I just can't decide.

Trac has 'good bones'. BSD licence.

.... Trac Installation Guide for 1.3 ... Trac uses the ​Jinja2 templating system :-) ... ​Python version >= 2.7 and < 3.0 :-( ...

Jinja2 from Pocoo/Flask

Jinja will be easier to use, but I hope Genshi continues to be developed. It's got really solid XML features that are ( more or less ) unique in the Python world.

Re-purposing Trac

About implementing the RuleForge project in Trac.

Deploying Trac as CGI

CGI script is the entrypoint that web-server calls when a web-request to an application is made. To generate the trac.cgi script run:

  trac-admin /path/to/env deploy /path/to/www/trac

trac.cgi will be in the cgi-bin folder inside the given path. Make sure it is executable by your web server.

This command also copies static resource files to a htdocs directory of a given destination.

See SharedHosting#Hostmonster

Trac Plugins


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Include Page
Styled Table
Flexible TOC
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Show last mod date

UML Macro
Markdown Macro
Graph Viz
Embed Genshi
Folded Area Macro
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Blog - daily user page


Database -> -

A new macro [[Cards(...)]] shows a whiteboard containing index cards organized in stacks. Adding new cards interactively by clicking a button, move cards by drag-and-drop and double-click cards for editing or deleting.

Cards are stored in a new table in the Trac database.


Workflow Admin

Process Management

Windows Service




Not much to work with ... is it worth it ?

Bookmarks - - autocomplete function for the keywords ticket field or any other text-based ticket field

Genshi Templating

Can Genshi do template 'matching' like XPath ? Can Genshi do it efficiently ?

The answer to both these questions is 'Yes'.

Genshi has great XML Include and XML Path support, unlike any other Python templating system I have encountered. If you are looking for a powerful XML templating system for a complex application or web site implemented in Python, this is probably it.

XML Templating Features

Genshi Templating Basics
Genshi XML Template Language
Using XPath in Genshi
Markup Streams

Bitten ?


Bitten is a Python-based framework for collecting various software metrics via continuous integration. It builds on Trac to provide an integrated web-based user interface.

Also See

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