Skeletal page at the moment, but subjects to think about ... like what is reality ? See #StrangeDoings.

Note: after the WTC attacks of 9/11/2001, many Arab related ( especially Bush realted ) pages suddenly disappeared, phuut, just like that ?

Did reality change ? The easy answer is "no, reality remains itself independent of our awareness of it". But is that statement true ?

Institutional alzimer's is not unheard of ?

The Nature of Wikipedia

What is the 'nature' of Wikipedia ?

  • A web site with articles about things
  • A picture of reality indepedent of Wikipedia itself ?


Competing visions ?

Strange Doings

Question: why go to the all effort of creating a wiki parallel to Wikipedia ? Why not just use Wikipedia ?

Odoo Page Deleted By Fiat

What is real ? Can what is real become unreal by vote or veto ? It's kind of scary really ?

Are they going to delete the linkages too ?

I have no connection to Odoo other than interwiki links from my own wiki. I found a bad link for Odoo in my wiki and followed it here. My primary interest is Python in all its charming variety. And as someone who knows Python pretty well, I can say that Odoo is a significant and notable part of the Pythonosphere and its absence from Wikipedia will be felt.

I think there is a deeper issue here than just editorial or administrative overkill. The question is: what is reality ? Can reality be vetoed out or deleted ? Does Wikipedia represent a common consensus about the 'real world' ? Or is Wikipedia a collection of articles which reflect the interests of authors and administrators and may or may not reflect the real world ? [ I don't mean to set up a false choice. There are other possibilities, but I see this as a main 'axis of argumentation'. ]

Personally, I try to use links to Wikipedia as fixed navigation points, something like immutable anchors to things in the real world. All too often I'm finding that spurious deletions are creating large, truck-sized holes in my ontological fabric. It's disconcerting and almost scary in a way, kind of 1984-ish. On the other, I recognize that there are good deletions as well and have seen them from time to time.

These comments may be for a larger discussion than Odoo and more appropriate elsewhere, but this is such a perfect example of an inappropriate, 'reality-bending' deletion that I felt I had to say something, if only keep my ontological fabric intact.

Quasimodal (talk) 11:52, 11 July 2015 (UTC)

Note Oct. 26 2015: All's well in the world, I just noticed that the Wikipedia admins added the page back with some significant editorial changes ... intacta ! :-)

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