To Do

  • Learn eBay ?
    • get vendor account
    • set up Pay Pal
    • sell a few low value things, keep it simple at first

  • Would I be better off
    • just setting up site
    • using search engine hits
    • Pay Pal merchant account ( and others ? )
    • Is this a local, face-to-face type of business ?
  • Deploy on BBcom later
    • Is there a conflict between names, too close, which is which ?
    • or do subdomain, like ''
  • PHP obviously, what CMS ?
  • New camera, learn presentation

How To

Becoming a Great eBay Seller

So your eBay bug has morphed from selling as a hobby to building an eBay business. Becoming a great eBay seller means there's a great deal of work — and a lot of fun — ahead of you. Follow these tips for researching, setting up, and successfully selling on eBay:

Answer all e-mail questions from prospective bidders and buyers within 24 hours and check your e-mail hourly before the close of your auctions. (Doing so can pay off in higher last-minute bidding.) Good customer service goes a long way in promoting and building your eBay business.

When listing a new item, research it and be sure that you know its current value and the going price.

Before listing, weigh your item and estimate the shipping cost. Be sure to list shipping (and handling) costs in your ad whether you use a flat rate or the shipping calculator for heavier packages.

Always see how many other sellers are selling your item. eBay is a supply and demand market. If too many people are selling the same item, the price may go down.

To encourage bidding in the case of auctions, set the lowest possible starting bid for your item.

Check the eBay guidelines to be sure that your item is permitted and that your listing doesn't violate any listing policies.

Get to know the listing patterns of sellers who sell merchandise similar to yours, and try to close your items at different times or days.

Taking Quality Pictures of eBay Items

Taking a quality photo of an item that you want to sell in an eBay auction is important. These eBay photography tips will help you present a professional image to enhance your merchandise and fetch top dollar on eBay:

Be sure that the item is clean, unwrinkled, and lint-free.

Take the photo against a solid, undecorated background.

Make sure the picture is in focus.

Check that you have enough lighting to show the details of your item.

Take second and third images to show specific details, such as a signature or a detail that better identifies your item.

It's unnecessary to use an image that's more than 72 dpi for online purposes. Don't worry about megapixels.

Try to keep the total size of your pictures in the description less than 50K for a smooth and swift download. eBay compresses the photos you upload for the top of the listing but does not compress the photos in the description.

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