Connections, Pins, Plugs, Adapters, Breakouts, Etc.

It may sounds strange to say, but this is a vast and a vastly complex subject. The 'this' referred to does not even have a consistent, coherent name ( IMHO ). Connections and all that kind of stuff ...

Picky little 'this' connector issues can be a more critical success factor than the actual underlying electronic technology. See ArduinoProMini and ArduinoTeensy for concrete instances.

Test Probes & Leads -

Topic: Mini Pro (or so) - temporary connecting pins without soldering? ...

Pogo pins sound interesting, but blimey these are pricey. These 'kinky pins' at Farnell look interesting as well.

10 for $12.80, or so. Plus a one-time shipping surcharge fee of $20 ???

How many dollars to a pound ?

... As a 'hack' for programming a Mini Pro I push 6-way pin header into the end and then apply pressure with my fingers to slant the connector and keep it in contact with the thru-holes. Fortunately the impedance of my fingers isn't too low to disrupt the programming process(!) ...

These pins are spring loaded and $0.70


A strong preference for USB, except maybe ... FTDI ?

Big Issue: Need for very short custom cables, less than 4", impossible to find at any price, probably must make myself.

DIY USB Connectors -

12 Volt Connections ?

Note how Trac paths make the anchor name "#a12VoltConnections"


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